Title: New Hirschmann White Paper on Embedded Switches
Blog Entry: In cars, televisions and smartphones and a host of other devices computer functionality is being integrated wherever we look. And the convergence of control and communication activities means that this trend also applies to industrial automation. As a manufacturer of automation components, Network Switches  we are faced with the challenge of integrating Ethernet know-how into our devices. Embedded Ethernet Switches give you the opportunity to hop on the Embedded bandwagon and enhance your products at the same time. The new White Paper from Hirschmann? explains how you can profit from Embedded Ethernet Switches. Integrating Ethernet Switches into automation components from the ground up is by no means an easy task. Integrating Ethernet Boards, on the other hand, is relatively straightforward. They bridge the gap between standalone Ethernet Switches, which are easy to integrate, and Switching Chips, which require much more effort. Embedded Ethernet Switches provide what can be seen as "drop-in" Ethernet functionality. They enable you to significantly shorten the development time for an ultra-modern, Ethernet-based product. You don't need to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of switching technology or carry out lengthy software tests, but can concentrate on your own area of expertise. But a faster market launch is not the only advantage. The integrated Ethernet Switches in your product are advantageous to your customers as well because such solutions require less space in production systems. Lower development risks and a higher customer appeal a powerful combination. If you want to learn more about Embedded Switches, please click the following link to our White Paper. This document discusses topics such as the convergence of control and communication technologies, the requirements on embedded solutions for industrial environments, and the required technical support.