What are the advantages of endovenous laser therapy?
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The Endovenous Laser supplies many benefits over other therapies of major purple veins or truncal varices: precision, convenience for the individual, rapid healing and visible results in much less time.

What is the Endovenous Laser therapy for truncal varices?

Endovenous Laser, also called Endolaser, is nowadays the laser treatment for varicose veins procedure. It includes the application of innovative technology in mix with the expertise of the specialist varicose vein doctors near me.

The therapy with Endovenous Laser has high levels of specificity as well as precision for truncal varices or extreme varicose veins. It enables resolving the troubles of serious venous deficiency in a minimally intrusive means, with excellent resolutivity as well as with little recovery duration.


People can resume their normal life after performing the tratramiento as well as just needs to lug a compressor for a week.
Why is the Endovenous Laser much more precise?

The therapy with Endovenous Laser is a lot more exact than various other systems due to the fact that its wavelength, has a specific absorption coefficient for the water of the venous wall, and except hemoglobin. The collagen of the dilated venous wall surfaces is mainly composed of water. This fact specifies the efficiency of the therapy in the venous wall surface and prevents the later look of inflammation as well as contusions.

The laser leg vein removal all of the expanded venous walls in a single session. Because of the full elimination of severe varicose capillaries, the possibilities of regression are much less than with various other traditional methods.

What is the Endovenous Laser procedure?

The procedure of laser leg vein removal lasts around 1 hour as well as includes the following steps:

1. Mapping Definition of venous cartography impacted by ultrasound.

2. Marking of expanded as well as inadequate trunk capillaries.

3. Positioning of local anaesthesia in the entry location of the optical fibber.

4. Technique of the venous vein surgery via the entry of the fibber optic, of 600 microns of quality, at endovenous degree, in one of the most proximal end of the valvular pathology. It is done by ultrasound control.

5. Application of laser power. It is executed in a retrograde direction through a high accuracy automated system, called draw back.

6. Full destruction of the wall surfaces of the dilated varicose blood vessels.

7. Placement of a compressive media by varicose vein leg pain treatment.

The recuperation time after varicose vein removal near me is one week and also the client can be included into his regular life instantly. You need to use the compression stock for a week and also you ought to walk for half an hour 2 times a day, the very first 3 to 5 days.

Compatibility: Treatment with Endovenous Laser at varicose vein clinic near me can be made compatible with the therapy of small varicose veins, such as reticular varicose veins and also spider blood vessels. Regularly, these affect clients in a way associated with severe varicose capillaries. To treat varicose blood vessels of lower calibre, the professional medical professional will recommend the client one of the most suitable therapy in each instance, which may be Photodynamic Varicose Therapy, MI or a combination of both methods.


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