Is Classified Platform the Most Trending Thing for Startup?
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A classified platform is on the path of having a bright future as this is the era of technology and people are more intended towards online services. Classified has always remained as huge market before the emergence of the internet came forefront. Buying goods like a musical instrument, sporting goods, furniture, car, property, and much more nowadays has become an online walk in the park due to the exposure of online classified platforms.

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist can be said as an online classified website which is a region-specific having different sections like devoted to jobs, housing, services, gigs, resumes, discussion forums and much more. According to their policy, most of the advertisements are free to post and for some advertisements depending on the scenarios and the type charges are being applied. It’s just like many other classified websites listing out the advertisements according to the user’s relevance. And the best part is advertisements are posted based on regions and so no confusion will occur.

A question will be arising in your mind i.e if you go for Craigslist clone then what will generate revenue for you?

Craigslist Revenue Model

Let’s clear your doubts about how your classified clone script will make money? Craigslist is a company that comes with a symbol of peace in its logo which has a perfect revenue model to be included in its business strategy. The classified ads company charges for certain specific listings of particularly competitive categories and this way the revenues are generated. A different amount is being charged for categories like house rental, job posting, properties etc which generated a revenue of $ 3 billion due to its features, user-friendliness and attractive design. In a similar, way your Craigslist clone script will help to increase your revenue. And for all this, there will be an urge for a business model to strategize your php Classified script as per your niches.


The high demand for such a popular classified script is increasing with time. Having a startup business with such Craigslist clone can make you bring huge success. To achieve the mount appetite of your PHP classified script NCrypted Websites is really ambitious for the one looking for startup. And so this software developing provides the best professional developers looking after your Website Clone with 24/7 support. NCrypted Website’s classified script like craigslist clone can be customized as per your requirements. Looking for more information, contact NCrypted’s Websites.

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