Planning for a Startup - Why not Search Engine Script?
Posted On 02/25/2019 07:35:06 by zahra5253

We live in a technology world where everything has sped up and no dull moments. In this new age, we are left with no choice but to grow with this new technology and a similar fact is being applied with the business too. Every business is upgrading itself to these technologies and exploring their business, with that startups nowadays are also involved in this race. We are so addicted to technology that the moment technology takes a break or slows down, we feel to scream and hit the machine as we are totally being controlled by them. Every day billions of searches are being made on a different search engine and the owner of this search engines are earning huge. This what made search engine script to come in a picture. Startup with such search engine scripts will be really successful.

 Search engine script

Let’s first go through the two most successful search engine clones to understand the search engine script in a better way.


What is Google Clone? How Does it Work?

- NCrypted Provides the Google Clone that is a resourceful search engine script that enables to create and start your own search engine on the web same as Google search engine. The Google Clone is a powerful and useful customized search engine clone by NCrypted. Google clone acts as a search so many things like websites, images, videos, news, applications, and maps also. Google clone is developed in a way that allowed to use to input the keywords or phrases in the structure of the text to search for a particular thing. The google clone platform already has the standard facility designed that gives you to kick start your project fast with more quality. The benefit of working with?NCrypted is true that they have already got all the things ready for you. The website clone structure that NCrypted uses in creating cutting-edge clone script same as Google is very much scalable, robust, user-friendly and can easily be customized as per your project requirements.


What is Shopzilla Clone?

- The Shopzilla clone gets you to develop your own shopping website to search good deals, comparison of price and save your money by online shopping in clothing. There were so many categories which can choose to do an online shopping website on your own. The category is summarized like Home Appliances, Electronic Appliances, man’s clothing, woman’s clothing, home decor, kid’s wear, jewelry, sunglasses, and watches etc. The Shopzilla clone script has a feature like Price comparison Script, so you can making money with the Program. NCrypted website’s Shopzilla Clone is used to build your own customized comparison shopping site same like to Shopzilla that works like a search engine that will able to search other online shops for a number of products.

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